PET preforms and bottles: a complete service from production to recycling

Our core PET competencies consist of standard preforms​, customized preforms, 
PET bottles​ and recycling.

Producing PET (polyethylene terephthalate) preforms and bottles has been our core business since the company was founded. The preforms are blown into bottles either by ourselves or by the customer and then filled with drinks such as water, soft drinks, beer, milk, edible oils, sauces, detergents and personal care products.


Sustainable PET

Alongside our production activities we are also committed to ‘closing the loop’ when it comes to PET production and recycling. Having invested in and developed our recycling capabilities we now reprocess used PET bottles and convert them into high-quality recycled raw material (r-PET). This can be used again in the food industry as well as other sectors.

High quality PET production

We apply the strictest quality standards to all our production processes. Resilux is also renowned for its technical know-how, built up over many years. Our reputation for reliability of supply is second to none thanks to a wide geographical spread of production facilities optimized to ensure a smooth supply of preforms and bottles worldwide.

PET packaging research

Our R&D centres play a vital role in optimizing and improving the technical possibilities of PET packaging. They are continually researching ways to further improve quality, to increase and develop the barrier qualities of PET, and to renew and optimize PET preform and bottle designs.

Our core PET competencies 

Standard preforms​

  • A range of PET preforms in a variety of weights, colours and sizes ​

Customized preforms​

  • Providing specialist preforms solutions
  • Developing and supplying PET preforms for any liquid product​
  • One layer or multiple layer preforms​
  • Preforms using r-PET ​

Refill bottles


PET bottles ​

  • Production (blowing) of PET bottles​
    • Infinite variety of shapes, weights, colours and sizes
    • ‘Specials’ for hot-fill liquids​
  • Organizing bottle blowing in or near our customers’ production areas​


  • Recycling used PET bottles
  • Converting used PET bottles into high-quality PET recyclate (‘r-PET’)
    • Can be reused in the food sector as well as in other business sectors​